The number of signatures by the Muslim believers who want from the Tirana Municipality the permission for the building of the Namazgja Mosque has reach up to 80 thousands. In a press declaration of the Muslim Community of Albania it is emphasized that Albanian Muslims are resolved in their request and that the number of persons who are signing the petition is raising every day. “The Muslim Community of Albania being supported by all organizations and the public opinion in their request and being in these conditions of unfulfilment of the right of Muslims a petition has been prepared that has been signed by 80 thousand persons until now. This petition is a citizen reaction to the denial of a right by the Tirana Municipality and its leaders and at the same time it is a request to the KRTRSH and the highest chairs of the state, the Prsident of the Republic Alfred Moisiu and the prime minister Sali Berisha, up to the international organizations for the right to build this temple in the context of religious equality.”

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