Ajo është zhdukur nga mediat rozë kohët e fundit, pas shtatzanisë dhe lindjes së fëmijës së saj të parë.

Por, Imogen Thomas ka treguar se është ende në formë dhe një femër seksi.

Ajo ka pozuar me një kostum në plazh, se personazhet e serialit të famshëm të viteve 90, Baywatch.



Pammy, eat your heart out! The glamour model looked stunning in a plunging red swimsuit, complete with 'Hello' motifOn the move: The star's pert derriere was impossible to miss

Doing her bit! The 31-year-old played with her hair as stood next to a faded orange safety ring

Getting tips: The stunner was seen chatting to a real-life lifeguard during her sunny outing

I see no ships: The mother-of-one's ample chest was impossible to miss in her Wildfox one piece

Adjustment needed: Imogen was seen moving her bathing suit into placeInside joke? She was later seen in hysterics while holding her hair in place

Jog-on: Imogen's skin looked sunkissed as she ran with the bright orange float

Keeping an eye out! The back of Imogen's swimsuit included a plunging design and criss-cross straps

A hit with the locals! Imogen's companion wore red shorts, a white T-Shirt and flip-flops

Sandy strut: There was no sign of Imogen's 17-month-old daughter Ariana or her Australian boyfriend Adam Horsley during her outing

Busy bee: She tweeted this week: 'So exciting talking about my new boutique! Can't wait To tell you all about it soon #newbusiness'

Curve-appeal: Imogen kept her mirrored shades on while posing with a number of props

Turning heads: Imogen pretty much had the sunny spot to herself as she walked in the shallows

Helping hand: Her male companion appeared to be giving Imogen direction while stood in a red cap and shades

Picking up the pace: Imogen draper her long hair over one shoulder out oft he way

Looks good from here! Imogen recently admitted how hard it had been to lose her baby weight