Nuk është çudi që femrat çmenden për aktorin Gerard Butler.

Por aktori, që për disa njihet si i ndrojtur, e teproi kur u fotografua me një femër në një parkim në Kaliforni.

Ai dukej shumë i dhënë pas një femre me bikini, që ende nuk është identifikuar.

Do ishte mirë të gjenin një dhomë sepse janë shumë të ekspozuar.


Onto the next: The actor seems as though he may have spotted another bikini-clad woman who needs help carrying her chestFalse alarm: After realising his service aren't needed elsewhere, the star then lends his face to the woman's helpless breastsThat's enough now: The mystery woman appears to have finally got the situation under control and steps back from her the eager beaver celebrityMy hero: To thank Gerard for his services, his pal rewards him with a well-earned kissA man of many talents: As well as helping women with their breasts, Gerard is more than happy to hold their bottoms tooThe student becomes the teacher: It seems the mystery woman was paying attention when her A list friend showed her how to hold another's person's derriere Delighted: Gerard is incredibly impressed with the young grasshopper for mastering his techniques so perfectlyFit: The lady in question showed off her toned and trim physique The look of love: Could Gerard be contemplating putting a ring on this woman's finger after they wrap things up in the car park?Try hadrer: Gerard's pal tries her best to get the actor's attention but he was busy on his phone, perhaps playing Candy CrushFarewell: Before they parted way, Gerard was spotted giving his female friend a cigarette - but not his number