Kurioziteti i fëmijëve është i pakufi.

Thuajse gjithkush e mban mend momentin kur ka ngecur diku, atëherë kur ishte i vogël.

Tashmë tendenca më e fundit në rrjetet sociale është që prindërit të postojnë foto të fëmijëve të tyre, të ngecur në situata të vështira.


Stop crying and look at the camera! This mum snaps a pic of ther child stuck in a swivel chairThis photo of a little girl stick between bars looks painful but she doesn't seem too fussedIf the cat fits then surely I do too?Stuck in the middle... of this stool. A boy walks around wearing a stool after getting stuck in itThis dad has the unlucky task of freeing his daughter from a wooden chair while his son watches onIf it works for the cat surely it will work for the baby right? Maybe not!This pic gives new meaning to being stuck in the looA little girl stuck in what looks like a fold up chair does not look too keen to pose for a photoDon't flush! It's a tough life as a toddler but even moreso when you're stuck in the dunnyLook mum no hands! This little boy climbed into yoga mat bag that was hanging from his porchHe's A-O-K! Thumbs up for this little one getting his head lodged into a pot panThe fact that this little girl is histerically crying did not stop her dad documenting the day she was stuck on between the railings on the stairsThis little boy was trying to lie low from his parents as they took this pic of himA not to super situation for this mini superhero who's head got stuck in a chairThis youngester found a way to get the toy he was after. Unfortunately he became trapped in the machine in the processSome people will never grow up and stop getting into sticky situations#stuck pictures are not just for kids. Big kids are getting in on the action