Meta finally cuts off the left opposition and together with the right wing continues the election campaign. He and the vice head of the party, Dritan Prifti presented the candidates of this party for mayor of the communes Libofsh and Mbrostar in the district of Fier. In his word the vice head of LSI, th deputy Prifti emphasised that the winning of LSI in Mbrostar with the candidate Bashkim Lika is certain since in the elections of July 3, LSI was the first political force.

While speaking with regard for the very good work in serving the community of the actual mayor of Libofsha, Nikolla Zaka who belongs to LSI, the deputy Prifti said that he was the first commune mayor who joined LSI seeing in this force the integration, the dignity and the politics in service of the citizens so he will win agains in Libofsha.

The leader of LSI Ilir Meta express his certainty that this political force and the left will win in these places. Speaking about the last political situation in the country, the leader of LSI said that we are a political force which has demanded the election reform since the October of 2005 and not today when the country is in crisis.