The declarations of the prime minister Sali Berisha on the control of the situation of electric energy, the Socialist Party has called as the common lies. In a press declaration the socialist deputy Andis Harasani has mentioned facts that the promises are false and accused the democrat authorities for interest conflicts, for one of the companies enjoying a contract with KESH belongs to a adviser of an actual minister of the government while the other to one the directors of one of the KESH divisions. In the declaration it is also denied the drought pointed by the governors because their data shows differently. Harasani continued by callind Berisha as an old prime minister who doesn’t know what he talks about. “The buying of energy is realized from EFT. “Our old prime minister forgot what he said about EFT. Other companies in the tender simply buy the energy from EFT and share the part for the Berisha government,” it is said in the declaration. The oppositors also demanded the fulfillment of the promises of government for the referendum in Vlora for the TEC issue.