The Socialist Party has denounced the procedure of the voting for the property draft since the next day after it presenting as an undeniable proof the table of votes where it is clearly seen that deputies not present in the parliament has been calculated as voters in support of the majority. So declared the speaker of PS, Saimir Tahiri while demanding the reexamination of the voting procedure in the parliament for the properties, pretending that this voting was not regular.

In a press conference Tahiri emphasised that “The justification that the voting procedure of this draft/law is being examined is a manipulating continuity of the falsificaon authors themselves. The vote robbery in the parliament does not require a week of exmaination when the vote table clearly and directly reflects the manipulation, unfortunately repeated of the free vote in the parliament by the majority.” According to him, “The majority is not capable and moreover does not have the will to guarantee free and honest elections and this is clearly shown by this case. The danger of vote manipulation by the majority is permanent and very risky for country’s fate in its road towards euroatlantic integration.”