The parlamental comission of laws refused the proposals of the opposition for the dates of the voters lists, specific certificates and approved only with the votes of the major party some changes in the election code.

The head of the comission, Fatos Beja, did not accept the proposal of the head of the Parlamental Group of Socialist Party, Pandeli Majko, for the delayment of the studying of the amends proposing an alternated amend to be put in front of the comission and to be applied through the negotiations of both parties. Beja proposed each point of the amends for the changes in the code and this was confronted with opposition on the part of the socialist representers who boycotted the hall where the meeting was taking place. After the meeting Beja said that “The major party tried to find a consensus with the opposition for the 40 presented amends but this was not accepted by the socialist representers. We can not find a consensus with the opposition for the elections date that is not decided upon by us. Also we do share the same idea fot the certificates which does not constitute a problem since albanians voted last time with these same certificates.