I errët, i shkretë dhe i zhytur në mjegull. Kjo ka qenë pamja e Parisit shumë vite më parë, krejt ndryshe nga ai që shohim sot.

Sot është qyteti i dashurisë dhe i kulturës por në vitin 1946, pas Luftës së II Botërore, ishte tejet i zymtë dhe i pashpresë.

Kjo dokumentohet nga fotografi amerikan Ed Klark që udhëtoi drejt Parisit për ta fotografuar për revistën Life.

Bleak Beauty: Taken in February 1946, the images by Ed Clark show Paris as a city recovering from the ravages of the second world war, here people are pictured buying flowers from a stall near the banks of Pont Neuf

Post war winter: A lone mourner walks through The Montmartre Cemetery in the capital. For the second time in a generation, people in Europe were coming to terms with the human cost of war

Gloomy: The dark, towered mass of the Palais de Justice and Conciergerie, seen from the riverbank. Clark said he was so enraptured by the city's elegance that he began taking pictures as soon as he arrived

Desolate: Here the Palais de Justice looms ominously over the banks of the Seine Canal which is now one of the most commonly visited areas of the French capital

Deserted: Now one of the great tourist attractions of the world, the Louvre museum stands empty as the world recovers from yet another terrible conflict